Having Lazy Man Bar-B-Que bring our trailer to your event is a real show stopper. People love to look at the trailer and we are very engaging with your guests.


Our slogan is – Slow Smoked BBQ Served Fast. We average 1 minute per order. 60 guest per hour is faster than a buffet line or even a Fast Food place. Your guests won't be waiting in line to get their food so they can enjoy your event. We can serve up to 240 people during a 4 hour event.




For large groups or when travel is involved, we charge an additional $200. This fee Saves the Date of your event and helps cover travel costs. There is a minimum of 50 people/orders required for us to set up the trailer. For smaller events, see TAKE OUT or  DROP OFF below.


Events such as weddings, graduations or company parties, a deposit of half the total amount is due prior to the event.  This deposit is non-refundable if you cancel your event for any reason after the deposit is made.  If we are unable to provide our service, we will refund the deposit plus $100.




We offer several payment options when we bring our trailer to your site to serve your guests.


  1. You can have your guests pay us directly for whatever items they purchase.

  2. You can have your guests order off of a menu you pick out and you pay the entire bill at the end of the event.

  3. We can deduct a dollar amount from each guests tab, they pay for the difference and you pay the deducted amount at the end of the event.

  4. You can decide on a menu and how many guests and pay the entire bill.

  5. If you have an event with several food truck attending, we can either charge the guest for what they order or we can keep track of what each guest orders and you would pay the total at the end of the event. There is no way to determine how many guest will eat at each truck so if we charge you a total amount, and everyone ate out our truck, we would lose money. If everyone eats at another truck, they would lose money.




For smaller events we can provide meat by the pound and sides for pick up. You pay for it when you pick it up. This works best for smaller events or when space is limited. Your guests can pick out what they want buffet style back at your event. On all meat-by-the-pound orders there is a 4 pound minimum. You can increase by the pound to whatever amount you need. Each order of sides provides 15-20 servings. Each pound of meat makes 3-4 sandwiches. So a 4 pound order of meat will serve between 12 & 16 people. Contact us for per pound orders.  The average cost per person on take out orders is $8.75 / person or $440 for 50 people.  This includes your choice of meats and sides.  Guest will get 1 sandwich and 1 side.




Your event needs to be scheduled at least 7 days ahead of time.  Prime dates fill up fast so contact us as soon as possible.


We would like 220 volt 50 amp electric connection for events, but don't require it. We have a generator that we can run our trailer off of.


We don't offer any drinks except bottled water. It would be impossible for us to carry everything that your guests may want. Plus it's a lot cheaper for you to purchase them yourself.


If your event expects a lot of children to attend, we can serve a “Kids Meal”. It's a hot dog with bun, bag of chips and a water. It is only for kids and we expect the adults to purchase their meal from us.


The food comes in serving containers and we provide spoons & forks, & paper towels if we serve out of the trailer. If you pick up the food, you will have to provide these items. We do not offer garbage service.


We prefer cash or check, but do accept credit cards. There is a 5% fee if using a credit card on orders over $400.

Unlike other catering companies, we do not require a contract.  All the legal details are listed on this web site and emails or texts are written proof.  However, if you would like a contract we would be happy to provide one at the time the deposit is made.  A receipt will be emailed to you from the site after payment in full has been made.

Any changes to menu, date, time or location may incur additional charges.  We are happy to work with you on this.


The truck and trailer are approximately 50' long. So ensure there is enough parking space at your event.  If 220 power is provided, we can drop the trailer and park the truck somewhere else.


Contact us with your catering needs.

Include the number of guests, date of event, times you would like us to be there serving, and anything else you can think of to help us give you a better quote.

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